To Read When I Get Back

Living abroad has its advantages. Instead of needing to put my face in a book to escape routine, I can just step outside, walk around, and breathe in diesel exhaust more fresh stimuli than my consciousness can pull from words on a page.

Of course, I do read while abroad, but I can only bring a few things that fit in the traveler’s backpack. I tend to bring a few magna opera that can withstand months of reading. This journey: Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations, Joyce’s Ulysses, a source book in Indian philosophy, Frederick Seidel’s “Ooga-Booga”, Gary Snyder’s “Axe Handles.”

But then the limitless internet blogroll knocks on your virtual door, does a strip tease, and sends you a drunken 4am text message telling you to come over and drink tea, sit cross-legged on your closet apartment floor in Brooklyn, and read books together all morning. Oh beautiful small presses! I’m so lonely! When I get back, I promise I’ll come visit.

Dear readers with reliable access to shipping and handling, heed the siren call of This Recording’s small-press-books-of-the-year post!


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