Home – Saturday, February 2nd, 5:30pm, Manila

I have no idea what the kid at the end says.


7 responses to “Home – Saturday, February 2nd, 5:30pm, Manila

  1. I’ll have to try this again during the daytime and in some different places. I think a trip to the market is definitely in order. It’s too bad there’s no smell function… yet.

  2. wow. what a great idea. One of the best parts is that you take it slow and don’t rush me looking at everything. Another great part is the periodic “heh heh” whenever something happens. And “It’s video, man. Video.”

  3. This is wonderful. Lets see some more.

  4. how decerteau of you, jared! how levitch-esque!

  5. A knowledgeable source tells me the kid is asking to see the video that I took. Sorry little buddy — I’ll show you next time!

  6. the kid said “there, somewhere there.. can i see(what you’re capturing)?” 🙂

  7. Much obliged, Kitch. 🙂

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