Revealing the archive

I am posting an inventory I made of all the books I packed up before my abortive relocation to Barcelona last fall. I don’t know the purpose of indexing an archive, exactly, if the collection is private and not very large. But if you’re like me, then looking at somebody’s bookshelf is a meaningful activity. Here’s the list, for what it’s worth.


“Unembedded” photos
Pedro paramo (novel)
nausea- sartre
glacial period- graphic novel
paris review interviews
various small notebooks
down and out in paris and london
poems- hay (muldoon)
unbearable lightness
“in the steep” manuscript
sheet music- satie, rachmaninov, chopin
calvin and hobbes
moon palace- paul auster
double indemnity
underworld (delillo)
paris review 179
in praise of shadows
photoshop for photographers
church road chat book
sound of waves
new york stories
the secret agent (conrad)
heat (buford)
moleskin (full)
crime and punishment
buckminster fuller’s universe
farewell to arms
sun also rises
war by candlelight
best american poetry 2003
ambivalent zen
granta young novelists
the collector (fowles)
the sheltering sky (bowles)
all the kings men
bukowski- letters
code of the samurai (hagakure)
agee selected nonfiction
paris review 175
café haiku


“staying alive” poems collection
pale fire
the wrong side of paris (balzac)
how to be alone (franzen)
cosmopolis (delillo)
silence of the body- ikea
malone dies- beckett
the long day wanes
100 poems from the japanese
tao ching
the lie and i
the seventy prepositions
sailing alone around the room
the rum diary (hunter thomp)
calvino- six memos
moveable feast
fugard notebooks
o’hara collected
memoir of the hawk (james tate)
tate selected
the life of david (pinsky)
kerouac haikus
bukowski- hollywood
proulx- close range
notebooks (various)
the hisory and technique of lettering
spirit of zen (watt)
synchronicity- jung
paris review 180
mona lisa overdrive
against the day (pynchon)
thus spoke zarathustra
neruda chapbook
japanese mini dictionary
henry 5
carver short stories
my brother’s keeper- s. joyce
rural life (klinkenborg)
paris review 169
black prince

BOX #3

talking back- 826 valencia
calvin and hobbes
natural way to draw
leave any information at the… (ruscha)
“many are called” photos- walker evans
“cash”- blank notebook
exploring the amazon
poems of new york
cosmicomics- calvino
the outsider (stranger)
camera obscura manuscript
from mexico with love manuscript- jared
on the death of a hero- manuscript
in the cold- manuscript
the grand days of travel
drawing lessons great masters
moorish architecture
life photo collection
the world doesn’t end- simic
in patagonia
finnegans wake
they called her styrene
75 short masterpieces
notebook “healthy in paranoid times”


One response to “Revealing the archive

  1. I wish I´d made such an inventory… my own shelves back home have been gradually annexed by my younger sister and my father, despite repeated warnings of the dire consequences to arise after such thievery.

    Hope you used extra-strength tape on those boxes.

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