Sagada = Mountain Bliss

I have an excuse for the lack of updates from me in the last stretch of time. I’ve been in Sagada, Philippines, rummaging in the rice terraces and breathing the fresh air of the mountainous north of Luzon. In the next few days and weeks I’ll be unpacking some poems and writing new ones from this experience, and maybe bringing some long-overdue updates to the Adventures in Food and Drink series. I was up there during Good Friday and Easter, so a lot of what I felt centered on some related themes. I’ll be returning there in June for an extended adventure as well. More on that to come later. In the meantime, why not enjoy some light poetry fare and a few photos after the jump?

Sagada Clouds

Good Friday

Smokey cloud wisps
pause in mountain valley crevices
and drop water like
hanging clothes.

Those who regard this as sacred
constructed pathways of bamboo
and mud channels to guide
the gentle late afternoon rain
into sufficient rice terraces.

This fallen gift absorbed
by root and soil,
or if it doesn’t nourish,
taken into clouds
and ready to fall again.

Rice Terraces 1

Rice Terraces 2

Rice Terraces 3


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