A short manifesto i found in my own notebook

The Silence of Good Signs


It seems that one note can be more evocative than a whole symphony of them. How can the principle be applied to writing… Fewer words, chosen to resonate with multiple meanings. Poetry, in effect. But more, also. They say little except by assocaition with what is familiar. The meaning also occurs when the ‘signs’ of the piece, all intimately familiar, are juxtaposed in the perceiver’s mind. It stirs memories and associations that lead to complex moods. The displacement of the signs from the original context isolated them; they are not aspects of a scene but visitations from it. The whole dreamlike scenario creates a sense of meaning, and this the sensitive viewer enables with his or her presence. Art must remember where meaning occurs—not on the page, or in the paint, but in the viewer. It is most effective, then, when it says nothing but evokes much.

 (duet with poem:)

The Plotting of Secret Disasters


The asylum is full tonight,

and quiet with dreams of falling.


Old windows, dripping

with soft fractals, orange with halide.


The trees perform a windy yoga,

bowing to the night.


The asylum is full tonight,

quiet with dreams of falling.



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