Bored at work?

A while ago I mentioned Circumference, the journal of poetry in translation that is pretty neat. Among its many neat features is a regular homophonic translation project that can help while away the hours:

Translate these lines based only on their sound for our seventh homophonic feature. 

Mbas ndarjes
fjalët janë Afërdita të thyera,
trena të përmbysur nga shinat.

Pejsazhe me klithma rrufesh
flokët e shiut shkulin nga dhimbja!


6 responses to “Bored at work?

  1. I can’t do it! Er, I can’t do it right away. Which for me is usually the same thing.

  2. I’m not sure if I’m allowed my own punctuation, but I threw it in anyway to try to make at least a little sense out of the crazy words that resulted.

    Maybe Jared’s
    chalet and Jane after detante tea thyroid,
    trained perm. Be sure: cash and not.

    Pasaje: me, Cliff, Ma rue flesh,
    flocked and shoot sheckle in the gym — ja!

  3. yeah, i threw in punctuation and a couple extra syllables too, and it’s still all crazy:

    My base and nadir, yes,
    violet yawn, affair ditty, the era-
    train at a permanent glacier, not shy, not.

    Passage my kith, my rueful flesh,
    flow key to shut school in glad hymn bay!

  4. My bus in targets
    violet Cheney Aphrodite the seer,
    trained to perm by Sir, and gosh, shine it.

    Passionately my cliff, my roof, flash
    fuck it and shit schoolin’ in a dim jar.

  5. a cheney aphrodite! i shudder to think.

  6. Dave, I like your second stanza. Interesting to see where we ended up with the same words and where we interpreted the sounds differently.

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