found poem

$3,483.81 worth of TV


Waves hitting palm-treed beach

amateur video.

Overhead shot of flooded street.

Lone guy on beach with waves crashing.

People in flood.

Guy clinging to Buddha statue.

Women grieving.

Tourist crying.

Survivors and destroyed buildings.

Truck drives by destroyed building.

Aerial of devastation.

Debris floating in river.

Army guys carrying stretcher.


Volcano exploding.

Wave approaching.


People swept up in flood.

Wave hits shore.

Flood in street, boy drowning.


Running through street small wave.

House being knocked over by waves.

Large debris in flood.

Flood in street

boy washed away.


3 responses to “found poem

  1. There’s some interesting distance here in the poem. I think the choppy sentences contribute to it and it makes a good representation of what to me seems like TV coverage of a typhoon. Some amateur got paid some cash for his little Handycam video of it, I’m guessing. I think this poem upends the “picture is worth a thousand words” adage by reducing specific footage of a disturbing event to its structural roots, universalizing the content.

  2. I think Jared makes a good point about the “choppy-ness” of the poem, but i tend to disagree that by reducing it in this way it makes the content more universal. Perhaps making the poem more powerful in it being disjointed (not sure that is the right word)? I don’t know, just throwing a stone out there…

    Good work, Feinstein.

  3. Also, I’m curious about the title. It really draws me in.

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