Hello, New York City — It’s Poem In Your Pocket Day!

You could be forgiven for not knowing that today is “Poem In Your Pocket Day” in New York City. But I can assure you that David and Sarah know about it. According to the site, “This series of events is intended to celebrate the versatility and inspiration of poetry by encouraging New Yorkers of all ages to carry a poem in their pockets to share with friends, classmates, coworkers and family. Readings across the city throughout the day will culminate in a public poetry open-mike session for kids and adults in Bryant Park at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan.” Go forth and listen to good poetry readings! Do your part and share some poetry today. I love poetry days! Of course, nearly every day on No Record Press: The Blog is a poetry day.

Speaking of poetry and cities, I love poetry on the subway. Here in Manila, we have poetry on the metro too. You get a Spanish poem translated into Tagalog — it’s a nice way to space out on a good poem and study some Tagalog at the same time.

But back in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg wrote a poem to commemorate “Poetry in Your Pocket Day.” I’ve put it below.

Press Conference

Pardon me, sir, I’ve a question or two …
Sir, you said poetry is a delight…
Reading it makes you smarter, more mature?
But is it better for people not to read verse?
Do you read sonnets? Limericks? Odes?
All these short answers. Why?
I –
Follow-up! What do you do in your free time?
Could poems appeal to the press?
But can they help with traffic congestion?
Next question.

I for one think it’s a pretty solid poem. Your thoughts below.


One response to “Hello, New York City — It’s Poem In Your Pocket Day!

  1. I’ll admit as well: much better than I expected. But of course I began to suspect there was more to Bloomberg when I saw him at the knicks game downing plastic cup of budweiser after plastic cup of budweiser courtside. I bet he can’t wait to go back to just being the richest man in new york.

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