The Dirt Road Ahead

Lyon 2We’re now older, less good-looking, and more grizzled, but as enthusiastic as ever.

We’ll be taking on Southeast Asia for two and a half months. Zach Bryant and I will be traveling the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Hong Kong and Macau, and possibly others depending on time and visa restrictions.

Readership, fasten your seatbelts — it’ll be a crazy ride. The next few months will have more pictures, more poems, more Adventures in Food and Drink, and more nonsense than before. I might be able to convince Zach to write a story or two on here as well as a guest blogger.

As soon as we figure out how to Twitter from Southeast Asia, we’ll have microblogging of the journey and you can play along at home and save us from bad guys and foreign governments.


One response to “The Dirt Road Ahead

  1. I want to take full credit for Zach’s T-shirt in this photo. I expect the two of you to live up to the antics it stands for and suggests. Please, please do check into the public urination laws wherever you tread though. It’s one thing to get arrested for trying to report in a country that censors the media. It’s an entirely other to sit in a cell for… you know. It’s a long, beautiful, winding road out there, gents, enjoy it. I look forward to hearing about your exploits.

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