Einstein’s Special Theory of Relationships

Maybe this is a poem. No, I think I envision the following verses as a song. I think it’s unfinished for now. I’ve sufficiently blown my mind considering time, space, and relationships in light of Einstein’s work on general relativity (pun intended ex post facto). The concept of timing and relationships is something that has already revolutionized my thinking, thanks to Six Feet Under. Leave any suggestions or comments below. I’ll let you know if I finish it.

Einstein’s Special Theory of Relationships

We collapsed time and space
on a few occasions,
a temporary trick
of body and mind.

I would touch my left earlobe
when you passed.
Like a third base coach’s
simple signals, trying
to compel a celestial body,
to move the farthest star
with the smallest of actions.

I was trying to advance the runner.
You ran.

Tragic Anna,
dead on the tracks,
was crushed by the steel explosion
that brings us closer to far away.

Now we run on jets and fiber optics,
a faster escape of gravity.
We are on different sides of the horizon.

The universe keeps expanding.
We’re colder, more distant.
In the absence of gravity,
All that’s left to feel
is the curvature of space.

I couldn’t really find a way to bring it all together — all the connections between emotional relationships and relativity started to pull the poem or song apart. It also feels like it might be starting to get too dependent on knowledge of the theory, but I couldn’t help it — it otherwise would feel like a cliche. Maybe some help from you, dear reader?


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