Poetry Still: Experimental Representin’

(A collage of words pieced together live from a talk being given by graphic designer Ed Fella.)

Collage of Ed Fella, 6/12/08, 6:38-7:18pm


A little place in new york
Eclectic and historicist
At the royal college of
Cartoons—it was culture;
We rejected the late 50’s,
And went for, unfortunately,
A new style every week.

The beginning of a hybrid
Skewing of styles.
Developed very deliberately,
Finding a little book
And all of a sudden we were
Going through a period of history.

That’s kind of a mish-mash
You see—my work has a
Narrative—using a Photostat,
A photocopier, digital stuff,
A stat camera, elaborately
Twist and shoot
In the history of Italy
With dark rooms, under sheets.
That kind of stuff.


It was an endpoint, actually.
No one has ever asked
How to make work by hand.
Not even my own daughter.

III.—Interjected Collage of Bruce and Nolan

This manifesto we wrote,
I think it’s similar,
Rejecting examples, stuff we
Should be doing, modernism,
Digital, incredibly precise,
A revival without ideas.


Hack like mad.
I got a job to do.


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