Goodbye Manila!

On June 12, 2008, we left Manila. But before, we celebrated the only way we know how. With some late-night Burger Machine.

Burger Machine

Goodbye, Manila.


4 responses to “Goodbye Manila!

  1. I’m sure some great things are happening there. Now that you’re traveling again, you’ll have to give us the taste all the homebound are desperate for.

    Farewell, Manila, of the prolific diesel, of incredible jeepneys, balut and pikanpinak. Of the birth of the No Record blog, of the street kids watching Jared take videos. Of his roommates. Of fumes. Of green. Of greens. Of sagada and karaoke whorehouses. Farewell Manila.


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  3. manila still w/ u!

  4. hello! I would love to use this photo for a facebook gift application.

    It’s basically imagery of a famous Filipino band’s songs (the Eraserheads). One of their songs – Tikman – was used as a commercial jingle for Burger Machine.
    I hope this is ok, please let me know. Thanks!

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