Hike from Pingew to Sagada, Philippines

Day five of the hike was an early morning scramble from Pingew to Sagada. We walked back into Sagada triumphantly.

We walked into Sagada triumphantly.

Zach’s commentary on the trip:

We passed the night eating pinikpikan and recounting stories and sharing pictures from the voyage for those who stayed behind. Thanks to Chris and Alidom, our very knowledgable and fun guides!


7 responses to “Hike from Pingew to Sagada, Philippines

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  2. I am stunned. And jealous. The jungle looks amazing. So do the huts, and your guides. The descriptions of food make me crazy with joy and rage. And I want to know more about these five dogs. How were they amazing? And how did the guy catch fish on a spear? What did you bring with you on the trip?

    Incredible narration, great videos and pictures. I’m glad I got to be this close to such a masterly trek.

  3. Hey glad you enjoyed it! There was so much to write about and so little time, but I did the best I could given those constraints. The five dogs are amazing hunting dogs. They were incredibly alert and always paying attention to their master — even if they had to be rebuked now and then for getting too close to our fish. We didn’t get to see them hunting, but apparently if, for example, the boss shoots a boar but doesn’t kill it, the dogs will hunt down the bleeding boar and encircle it and kill it or trap it. They are also good pointers. Even though they are vicious dogs, I felt pretty at home around them.

    As far as the fishing goes… he would duck his head underwater and hook a fish. It would look like it was still swimming so it would attract the fish’s buddies and pretty soon, he’d have a string of those guys riding the current and he’d duck his head underwater and wait for more to come by and then stick ’em.

    We didn’t bring much on the trip. There was so much uphill involved that a stove and tent and sleeping bag would not have been feasible. I brought one pair of sweatpants, a pair of shorts, and three t-shirts (one long sleeve, one short, and one Pilipinas jersey). 2 pairs of socks which quickly became muddy and covered in sweat and leech-sucked blood. Flip-flops and old running shoes. Some rice and a few cans of tuna. The rest of the time we stayed in the huts or hunter’s grounds and ate what was caught or found and then we bought some more rice from the locals. I brought a journal and my ipod shuffle. Plenty of bandaids and rubbing alcohol. Matches, old t-shirts, batteries to give to villagers.

  4. The Sagada guides are all very courteous and helpful. Which is really what anybody would expect from a guide. But I believe these Sagada guides are among the best companions you can get anywhere you’d go. They would exert extra effort provide you with what you need, entertain you when you get tired or bored, and offer advice even if you’re not asking for it.

    Great jersey, by the way. Makes me feel very proud.

  5. Technical question: How did your camera batteries manage to last so long? Did you bring multiples? Or were you just very careful about using them?

  6. Still running on the same charge. They just last awhile. Only turned it on when photographing or taping.

  7. nice hiking/trek. You enjoy the life of a highlander. The food, lifestyle, nice scenery/the view of the mountain and know how to survibe in the mountain.When I was young they told to me the most important you must have in the mountain: salt, matches, bolo/big knife. Food you can suvibe in the mountain as long as know that can be eaten.
    I miss my native place. We went for swimming, hunting, catching fish and eating native food.
    Now I am here in Europe. Sometimes i went to the mountain but you could not do what you want. Like doing burnfire,hunting etc. Here is like a park, just to enjoy the view, get some fresh air and relax.
    Sometimes i was thinking that I visit more places here in Europe than Philippines. Like many foreighners visiting sagada cave,I just visit only one time with my friends.

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