Hike from Taleb to Baclingayan to Pingew, Philippines

On day three, we went from Taleb to Baclingayan, which is a short five-hour journey up and down mountains (just like every other day!). We stopped at Kasiniyan River so that Moros could catch a spear full of fish for lunch.

Moros spearfishing.

Baclingayan is a barangay (neighborhood) of the larger village in Abra Province called Tubo. Baclingayan only has about thirty families.

Day four found us leaving Baclingayan for the hunter’s camp of Pingew. By hunter’s camp, I mean open-air shelter in the jungle of the mountain range.

Pingew Lodge

The hike was absolutely grueling on day four. You go up this mountain, then down the next one, and then up the one after that.

I was so tired I couldn’t even muster a word to add to Zach’s able commentary.

We feasted on a smoked wild boar soup that night. Dennis traded a flashlight for a package of wild boar meat in Baclingayan, and it turned out to be one of the best deals — the boar meat was absolutely delicious. We ate many great meals on the trip come to think of it: freshly caught fish, newly fallen avocados, newly picked coconuts, bananas and pineapples, and kilos and kilos of organic rice.

Inside Pingew Lodge

You’re almost back to Sagada. The trek continues here.


3 responses to “Hike from Taleb to Baclingayan to Pingew, Philippines

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  2. This is absolutely wondrous! My favorite parts: You speared fish in the river and traded flashlights for goods. Amazing.

  3. Man, you are barely recognizable in this picture. Nice shorts.

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