Adventures in Food and Drink: The Catchup Edition

There have been many adventures in food and drink recently. Zach showed up to the Philippines and ate his first balut.

In Abra province, we ate smoked wild boar, little shark fishes, and pinikpikan.

We went to Chinatown in Binondo, Manila, Philippines, and gorged ourselves on different dimsum options. Shark fin, hakaw, chicken feet — things we can’t even name.

Later that same day, we flew to Kuala Lumpur and arrived at 2 a.m. to the city center. We had put off dinner, then got stuck at the airport with no reasonably priced options, on a flight with no food, and then at the airport with only McDonald’s open. Luckily, we arrived near Sri Paandi.

Sri Paandi!

This proved to be a decisive turning point in my life. I have never had Indian food this good. Zach and I feasted on rice, curry, vegetable sides, the most tender tandoori chicken, and milk teas for about five dollars total. This was an auspicious beginning to Malaysia, bringing tidings of gluttony. We did eat one Chinese meal in Kuala Lumpur, but the rest we filled in Little India and a revisit to Sri Paandi. I should add we’ve been on a good streak of banana leaf restaurants, where you eat with your hands.

Banana-leaf style.

We managed a number of street vendor drinks made of condensed milk and calamansi or other fruits. There’s plenty of kopi susu to be had as well — condensed milk and coffee.

In Penang, we had a day-long eating challenge.

Then in the Perehentian island of Kecil, we ate stingray (delicious) and blue marlin (likewise). There is a high tax on alcohol in Malaysia, so our near week there was balanced by mostly eating. We also tried sirap, a sort of cherry colored drink — it tasted like DEET, but I suspect that we just got a bad batch. We did get to try a local drink, (I believe it was)arak, also known as monkey juice, brand name Orang Utan. 25% alcohol. They called it rum; we mixed it with Coke.


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