randomly generated poetry

A friend of mine made this website. It’s hard to describe. Randomly generated pairs of words–lord knows where they come from–spring out of the tip of your cursor. Click within the window to enlarge the text (it’s pretty tiny when you start). The poem I am posting is merely a re-enjambment of the word-pairs the website suggests. However, I did include every consecutive pair in the poem. It would have been too easy to make choices. That said, it’d be another interesting experiment. This is the sort of thing you can use to break writer’s block:



Poem By Coords.swf


A western

Magnetic, have impact,

Land Chinese, are India,

To, the solar, the foundation,

It’s the passing, the same


Space magnitude of the ocean.

Much uplift, manned relative,

The quest for color, been, is.


And on incompatible covers

The reason, considerable,

The earth, to making

Set elements

Thinking, large surface


The bulge subsequent

Disappeared, as with

Of, of

Its south, reflectometer, few



The spin is on.

Depletion photosphere, in work

Station union, observing


Belt, sea

Years, close

Hydrous, these

The, collide.


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