Too Often Overlooked Meat

I read this in the paper. Some guy talking about his company selling music on little flash drives that go in your cell phone. Not a particularly good idea, since people already seem to have music on their phones (how?). But his explanation blew me away:

“I don’t have to convince you to buy anything; you already own it,” Mr. Schreiber says. “I don’t have to convince you to carry anything; you’re already carrying it.”

Did he accidentally proffer an a anti-materialist koan instead of slick-selling his product? P.S.–this would make an amazing fortune cookie.

Business Idea: intelligent and erudite fortune cookie messages.

Business Idea #2: fortune cookie messages that actually tell the future.

Business Idea #3: the future.


2 responses to “Too Often Overlooked Meat

  1. That is an awesome quote. Where is that from?

  2. My bad. I should have cited it. I’ll add it to the post.

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