What Ends as a Logical Proof



There are so many stories to tell:


The group of Spaniards,

the Italian assassin,

the air traffic controller,

the metro signalman.


It is unfortunate that

if I fold you these stories

they would no longer be true.


That can happen, by the way,

the same as when desire

becomes regret

and not fulfillment

diabolical chemistry.


A taste for wine, the intricacies

of rot and decay, nay,

the connoisseurship of them

the fondness for bitterness,

the swallowing

of acid, a careful

evaluation of its sparkle

and disappearance.


As I said, a true story cannot be told

it becomes something other than itself

meaningful perhaps, but not

the same.


The trick is to be present.


i.e. this moment

the images that are formed

and then lost

i.e. the true story.




-DF, the AOC



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