a poem with no ideas (DF)

God Wishes To Be Expected


Cardinals, starlings

    the backyard is lush

rims of red in cups

    lipstick, dolcetto


and coffee from the morning.

The plants are hunting

inside themselves

popping open the windows


These artifacts are not clues—

  they are confusions, your painting

of yourself, a kaleidoscope

of ghosts


While you are thinking as though dead

   clutching important letters

simple, insane, desperate

all the qualities of building strength


under the god that

one day

it will be used, maybe depleted

maybe a final moment


            who knows?


It may be gone at any moment.


2 responses to “a poem with no ideas (DF)

  1. “God wishes to be expected” is the random post from WordPress. Well done, WordPress. Better comment than I could’ve come up with.

  2. Changing the title to that. Naturally.

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