Name Game (ST)

Name Game

People often say What’s in a name
but nobody ever said that to Dandruff Sofa.
He longed to hear it.
He knew the chances of meeting a nice girl
named Walrus were slim,
but he refused to consider a change
or even go by Dandy for short.
As I am were the words he prayed fierce at night,
turned on his side and staring at the items on his nightstand
like a rosary he could see but not touch:
a toy cement truck, old spectacles, a dollar bill,
a full spool of nearly invisible thread.


2 responses to “Name Game (ST)

  1. I’m loving this new style. I hear a little James Tate in it. Have you read Memoirs of the Hawk?

  2. Thanks, David! I really like James Tate (and Memoirs of the Hawk) so that is a very nice thing to hear.

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