Pop Quiz (ST)

Pop Quiz

Can you tell a lot about a person from the types of sandwiches they’ve invented?
Have you ever been a fan of Nine Inch Nails?
Would you say you occupy a kind of Texas of the mind?
How many rare diseases do you believe may linger undiagnosed
and alive in your bloodstream?
Are you weary of slogans, even those you agree with?
Do you feel that you have enough opinions? Do you hold others to their word?
Which tics of what cable news anchors do you find unbearable?
Are your books swollen with water from taking them to the bath and leaving them out in the rain?
What is your favorite direction?
Do you think Sundays are always depressing because where is everyone?
Under which trees do you imagine making love, and to whom?
What do you think about sepia tones?
Are you concerned about potential galactic disasters millions of years in the future yet oddly devil-may-care about student loans?
Will you buy old postcards from vintage shops just to read the backs?
Are you more likely to believe something if a stranger tells you it is so?
How many miles could you run if you were being chased by a rabid possum, and how many if you were doing the chasing?
When you wake up the morning after a party, your lips cracked dry with red wine and salt, clothing strewn in dark pools across the floor, what do you think? Was it fun, but horrible too? Please:

lay down your pens.


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