New Poem (ST)

Honey I love you but I’m turning inside out.
I want earthquakes that alter my topography,
fresh-ripped coastlines, volcanoes charging from the sea
like the football player throwing a Hail Mary pass
in one perfect arc in the film I would like to be real life.
I want to meet a dragon. I want change for a dollar.
I want to eat a habanero pepper
stuffed with habanero peppers. I want to drip spleens
and kidneys all over the kitchen floor right now
and say that I will clean it up tomorrow!
I want to play music so loud it thrums out the dark.
I want to build a bomb shelter for all the bombs without a home.
I want scars and leapyears. I want everybody in the phone book
to list fake numbers. I want to assume the man on the television
is talking to me personally when he salutes and says Good luck.
My life is a book I’ve been holding too close to see
and so I will be getting reading glasses but first
I want us to crack each other open like pomegranates
and witness the bounty I hope we’re made of.


One response to “New Poem (ST)

  1. Fantastic!

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