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How the Fantasy Continues to Live…A Moral Fantasia…Pachyderms on the Epiderm…

The topic of today is: How the Fantasy Continues To Live.

The first thing to resolve is the difference, if any, between “fantasy” and “dream.” I’m assuming that the technical definition of “dream” pertains mostly to sleep. However, there is the everyday presence, without stigma, about the “daydream.” But if we dream at night and dream at day, what is there to tell the difference between a dream and a fantasy?

The first urge is to consult a dictionary. “Let’s be specific, here,” we reason. “Let’s consult the data.” And perhaps I am accidentally broaching the fantasy/dream topic too early, but perhaps we can also agree that a dream, or the data of a word, as it were–a series of widely remarked-upon usages–often contain something different from that. Something a little bit more or less. Some aspect of the data, missing. Continue reading