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first installment?

The store was mostly empty, a few sad bags of dry beans and grains. The refrigerators were pale blue inside. All he had in his cart was a quart of milk, three cans of artichokes, a can of prunes, a gallon of water, and a stack of flimsy aluminum baking pans. He paid for these and went outside.

Textbook pre-storm weather. Trees flapping, dirt and crap flying in the air. Except a bit less. More like a damp wind. The sea was nearby. He wore a short yellow slicker over a blue sweater. He hunched his shoulders a little as he walked out to the car, jogging off the sidewalk. When he reached it, he didn’t look around, just got in and drove away.

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what happened to me last night

There was a man on the balcony. I watched him standing there. Feet shifting on the cement, flickering light from the tiki torches. Two feet, black shoes. The bedspread was damp from humidity. It was a hot night.


–You fly a lot, right? Cheky, you fly a lot?


I wiped my forehead with a crumpled paper towel I’d just blown my nose with. It smeared a little of the blood.

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